Institutional Website + Web App + Native Apps + Custom Backend

The secret to pay less and enjoy more

An application that wanted to transform and innovate in the coupon market.

This application allowed to redeem discount through unique codes generated in real time to show in the local or at deliveries, without the need to print, cut, or pay in advance, as did other applications in the coupon market – groupon, club intellect.

Being our own initiative, we take care of everything: From branding, to UX + Technology + Custom development, in addition to personality in Social Media, and creation of online activations to increase downloads in App Stores.

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    WordPress for brand website with features + lead forms. Tailor-made backend for business administration, commercial department and bonus. Design + development of native Android & iOS Apps + WebApp.

    An application ahead of its time with more than 300K+ installations in its most successful moment and coupons from brands such as Pizzas Piccolo, Burger King, Presto and more, in more than 15 cities in Colombia.

    UIKIT Framework
    API Integrations
    Cake PHP

    Why we love it →

    • Brand design + Digital assets

      UX + Offline design + Online design
      Brand personality + Tone in social media
      Animated video demo + branding elements for clients.
    • Super Backend Administrator

      A custom backend for manage bonuses, clients, consumers, push notification scheduling, and reports.
    • Native multiplatform development

      We learned about development under Android and iOS, in addition to creating services to consume from any application.