Onehundredtables App

Hybrid App – Android + iOS

Great places to eat in your pocket

One Hundred Tables is a gourmet brand dedicated to discover the best places to eat and drink around the world.

Restos owners pay a monthly fee to be part, and customers can find this places free of charge.

This hybrid app connects to data from brand’s database, and display this information to people in different navigation options: Restos are listed by cities, or in a map using smartphone geolocation services. App includes bookings and reviews online with Facebook SDK.

Developed under Cordova framework (free and open source), in HTML, JS and CSS, with one base code. Custom services from website content APIs (Python + Django).

Application UI delivered by brand. Available in Apple Store and Google Play.

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    Api Integrations
    Facebook SDK
    App Android
    App Store iOS

    Why we love it →

    • We love big challenges

      In search of perfection, we create our first javascript framework for Cordova.
    • Target multiple platforms with one code base

      Many platforms, one code. Cordova was one of the first technologies in covert a HTML/JavaScript application into a native container.