Cárnicos digital ecosystem

Dynamic Websites + Online Branding

A super ecosystem of brands

In 2010, Grupo Nutresa’s Meat Business selected us to create its corporate sites and those of its brands.

This challenge meant for many brands in the business, the first digital presence, and the renewal of this for the most important and national ones, such as Zenú and Rica.

In one year we created and developed all the business pages, respecting a navigation structure and giving each brand a touch of unique personality. It was a coordinated work between the client, customer service and us, which was accomplished with the best results.

At the end of a year of work and after finishing phase one of the digital strategy, we went from being suppliers to being strategic allies of the business according to their managers.

We accompany the eleven brands in the administration of your digital content, activations and promotions. Finally, we consolidated databases for each one, which at the end of 2011 included more than 25k+ people registered approximately per business.

We use flash + our own framework for the dynamic loading of content per site, and optimized to load them asynchronously, improving the user experience.

The implementation of the institutional portals of the Cárnicos y Alimentos Zenú was made under Joomla CMS, with institutional information and group news, press releases and more.

We managed the contents of websites and online initiatives of all brands for almost 3 years. Have a good trip!