Brand + Institutional Website + Web Application + Private Blockchain + Smart Contracts + Payments + Backend

Investing in gold has never been so easy

The only cryptocurrency truly backed by one of the strongest securities in the world: Physical gold.

This project included all branding design, product, application, design and implementation of an institutional website under WordPress with content related to MITACOIN, how to buy, how to sell, frequently asked questions, contact us and more.

All MITACOIN technology is state-of-the-art, as strong as a cryptocurrency: Developed under Hyperledger, IBM’s private blockchain.

All transactions are supported under smart contracts, one of the most incorruptible and private technologies, for greater security in investments.

Each MITACOIN is bought at the value of 1 gram of gold in real time, regulated by the London Stock Exchange. Purchases are made through mercadopago or paypal online, making the process much easier, compared to online investments in other sites.

People can buy, sell and transfer MITACOINS in real time on the web application, using any device.

IBM Hyperledger
API Integrations

Why we love it →

  • We love WordPress and what it can do

  • Develop with new technologies

    Create a new cryptocurrency is big challenge!
  • Real time Fintech integrations

    We learn about stock markets and services to sell with real time value of gold in London Stock Exchange stock market.