Polla Colanta

Online activation

A world cup game – 2010

More than 11K+ participants with 9K+ games created to activate, more than 50K+ visits in a month.

In June, in the World Cup fever South Africa 2010, we launched the Polla Colanta, an online activation that aimed to increase the sale of liquid milk in a difficult period: school holidays.

The main idea was to participate through cartons with games + sending milk packages for activation. Each game could be shared on social networks, which took more than 2K+ additional organic visits to the institutional website.

With this strategy we managed to register 15K+ new fans of the brand, and most importantly: Colanta maintained its percentages in sales, while the rest of the industry registered a decrease.

Developed under hybrid technology (Flash + PHP), and a unique backend for the activation of games, which arrived by mail to a box. This activation happened in less than 24 hours, thanks to a very good logistical work by the brand.

Cake PHP